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If You Knew What Buyers Agents Know Then YOU WOULD OWN More Property!

Who Wants To Know more about lucrative Real Estate Investment?

Self Education and information kits are so well put together why would you risk moving into the lucrative Real Estate Market without one? Self Education and Reseach Information packs are becoming more comprehensive, easy to apply and affordable. More and more people are becoming Property Savvy and handling their own Real Estate Investment deals.

Knowledge is Power - somebody famous said that. However, it is not altogether true. Knowledge IS Power - IF you actually apply that Knowledge.

There are so many stories of people being successful in Real Estate and creating serious wealth. A fact of life is there are as many sad stories. We tend not to here of them so much (Who wants to tell of their financial ruin due to a bad judgement)
But we all know it happens.
How do we get started - or take the next step to get to the next level? Taking action can be an issue all on it's own. I have said it myself and heard it so many times - "If only I'd bought that property when........" I'm sure you've said or heard this too.

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(Tips on Real Estate Strategy)
(Help on Overall Investment Strategy)

Buyers Agents

- are exactly that, they work specifically for the buyer. Whether it is finding a new home, an investment property, bidding at auction or researching for your new property. A buyers agent has access to the open market - all real estate agents, developers and private sellers. Buyers Agents strive for excellence in client satisfaction as they often rely on client referrals to build their business and reputation. A Buyers Agent can save a serious amount of time in sourcing a good real estate investment property. A good buyers agent will here your requirements and be able to provide an excellent shortlist of suitable investment properties.


- with the recent popularity of Buyers Agents some Real Estate Agency's are now designating one representitive as the "Buyers Agent" for that agency. This can cause a conflict of interest if the buyer is interested in one of that agencies listings. A Buyers Agents independence is crucial to their impartiality in researching, shortlisting suitable properties and in the negotiating process.

Real Estate Agents

- works for the seller, exclusively - that is the traditional "agent" that we are familiar with. Both the agent who 'lists' the house and the agent who 'sells' the property are both working for the seller. Their role is to find homes to list and sell them as per the vendors instructions. Whether that be based on price, time line or the offer and conditions. Their interests are in meeting the sellers requirements and maximizing the return for the seller, as it should be. They certainly don't have the buyers interests at heart.